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Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat

Whether you are just starting paleo or you’ve been following the diet for a while, cookbooks can be extremely helpful. That’s especially true in this case because in addition to providing recipes, this cookbook also acts as a guide to help you change your cooking habits so that it’s easier to eat a healthy paleo diet every day.


Well Fed is the easy paleo cookbook dream for those who love to eat but hate to cook! It’s got over 115 recipes that showcase simplicity, ease, and, most importantly, FLAVOR.

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The philosophy behind this book is that the paleo diet is not about sacrificing yummy food for health. It takes a more positive approach, showing you just how much you gain and how much you CAN eat on paleo.

It also comes with some tips and tricks for prepping meals in advanced and creating meal plans that prevent food fatigue (or boredom caused by eating the same thing all the time). So it’s the perfect guide for those who want to do paleo but don’t want to get bored or spend too much time in the kitchen.

The whole purpose of the book is to help you get in the habit of cooking your week’s meals all in advance. This is a really great habit to start because it allows you to have ready to go healthy paleo meals for the entire week.

Potential Drawbacks

We really love this book and the guidance it provides. However, as far as the recipes go, it doesn’t really stand out. The recipes are great and the directions are simple and easy to follow.

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But there are other books with great recipes that have an even larger selection or a better focus on certain kinds of recipes. These recipes are a good overview of the range of possibilities you have with paleo. But if you are looking for unique or interesting new ideas, you’ll want to find a cookbook with a broader selection.

These recipes are intended to be as simple as possible without compromising flavor. But if you enjoy cooking and want to explore more complicated dishes, you’ll have to find a different cookbook.

Final Verdict

For those who want some guidance and tips along with recipe ideas, this is the perfect choice. You get some delicious and simple recipes and you can learn how to prep and cook in advance to make eating healthy more convenient throughout the week.

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However, for those who just want a cookbook that provides inspiration for creative new dishes, there are other options out there that have more recipes. Overall, it’s a wonderful guidebook with great recipes for those who have a busy schedule or just don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen every day.

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