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The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease And Heal Your Body

Living with an autoimmune disease can be a painful and difficult experience. Between flare ups and triggers, you can find yourself struggling to lead a normal lifestyle. Medications can help but not everyone wants to be dependent on medications for the rest of their life.

Changing your diet can go a long way toward helping you manage your symptoms. With the right diet that eliminates trigger foods and ingredients that can cause painful symptoms to take hold, you can decrease your dependency on medications and lead a more normal, pain free life.

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But what exactly should you change about your diet to achieve those kind of results? That’s exactly where this book comes in! It teaches you how to use a specialized version of the paleo diet to dramatically reduce the symptoms of your autoimmune disease.


The great thing about this book is that it takes care to specialize in recipes that are suited to someone with autoimmune disease. People with special conditions and dietary requirements often struggle to find tools and resources that are geared specifically toward them.

This book is one of those rare gems that makes it easy to manage and treat an autoimmune disease through healthy dietary changes. It’s important to clarify that these recipes are not cures for an autoimmune disease but by using this approach, you could become symptom free.

The Paleo Approach Book

The book is also focused on making the transition to paleo as smooth as possible. It includes:

  • Simple, easy to follow recipes
  • Expert tips on how to transition with as little stress as possible
  • Tips for saving money and eating a healthy paleo diet without breaking the bank
  • Comprehensive food lists for shopping and creating meal plans
  • Tips for how to stick to the paleo approach even when you go out to eat
  • Practical strategies for making lifestyle changes at your own pace.

Whether you are ready to dive in head first or you want to start with smaller steps to make the transition more gradually, this book has the tools you need to do it.

Potential Drawbacks

The autoimmune protocol is a more restrictive version of the typical paleo diet. So if you don’t suffer from any autoimmune conditions, the recipes in this book might be unnecessarily limited for your case.

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However, the recipes are still delicious and healthy as they are and if you don’t need to follow the extra limitations of an autoimmune protocol, you can easily adapt these to include your favorite paleo ingredients.

Final Verdict

This is a wonderful book that can help you manage an autoimmune condition. Of course, if you are undergoing any treatment from your doctor, we highly recommend talking to your doctor about making this dietary change as some foods (especially in higher quantities) can interact with certain medications.

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