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Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health And a Whole-Foods Lifestyle

Going paleo is one of the best choices you can make for your overall health and wellbeing. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be one of the easiest choices you will make.

Depending on what your diet looks like right now, the first month or two of going paleo can be filled with some tough moments where you experience strong cravings for the unhealthy foods you are used to eating or you find yourself at the grocery store with no idea what to buy or what kind of meals to make. Practical Paleo was written with exactly these struggles in mind.


The first edition of this book was already a great achievement. It was considered the “paleo bible” which makes this second edition a new and improved version of that bible. It earned the title because it goes above and beyond what other cookbooks are doing.

Practical Paleo 2nd Edition Book Back Side

In addition to more than 150 unique and tasty recipes, this cookbook also includes:

  • Easy to understand explanations about what paleo will help you achieve and why it is such a healthy option.
  • Tips and tricks for cutting unhealthy, processed foods from your diet.
  • Answers to many of the most common questions people ask about the paleo diet.
  • Tips for living a complete paleo lifestyle.
  • Multiple 30 day meal plans that are designed to support various health conditions like:
  • Autoimmune disease friendly meal plans
  • Athlete meal plans
  • ​Fat burning meal plans
  • Etc.
Practical Paleo 2nd Edition Book

This is an extremely informative book that makes it super easy to customize the paleo diet to your specific goals. Whether you’re trying to become the best athlete you can be or just shed a few extra pounds to get in shape, there is a meal plan with delicious recipes in this book to help you get started.

There are even meal plans for helping you recover from serious conditions like cancer. To be clear, it doesn’t cure cancer but it helps you make your body as strong as possible so that it is better able to fight and recover.

Potential Drawbacks

One could say that by targeting beginners, this book might not be the best choice for someone who is already very experienced with the paleo diet. However, we think even a more experienced paleo dieter will probably find some information in this book that they didn’t know before.

However, if your main priority is finding new and exciting recipes, you’ll want to look for a more traditional cookbook that focuses on packing in as many recipes as possible without the extra information about the diet.

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Final Verdict

For those just starting on paleo, this is a great option. We recommend going for the actual printed book just because we think it’s nicer to have a book in front of you but if you want to save money or you prefer reading on a computer or tablet, you can opt for the kindle version which you can access on multiple different devices.

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