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Paleo Snacks Book Review

Snacking can make or break a diet. No matter how hard you try to make your main meals totally paleo friendly, it can all come crashing down as soon as you start getting those snack cravings.

Instead of fighting those cravings, you can use this cookbook to help you create snacks that satisfy your cravings without ruining your efforts to improve your health and fitness!


Snacks are actually one of the most risky areas for anyone on any diet. When we get those between meal cravings, that’s when we’re most likely to cheat on our diet and grab a quick candy bar or bagel or other non-paleo snack.

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That’s exactly why this cookbook specializing entirely in paleo snacks was written. It’s designed to help you prep some delicious and totally paleo friendly snacks so that you’ve got some easy go-to items that you can carry with you to fight those between meal cravings and keep you on track with your diet.

There are more than 145 snack recipes divided into 12 comprehensive categories like :

  • high protein snacks
  • energy boosting snacks
  • smoothies and shakes
  • snacks for before and after your workout
  • metabolism boosting snacks
  • snacks for satisfying your sweet tooth
Paleo Snacks Cookbook

This is the perfect addition to a collection of paleo cookbooks that span all the meals of the day. These recipes are satisfying, simple, and healthy. Plus, many are also very portable so they are perfect for on the go snacking.

And if you struggle to get into the habit of eating breakfast every morning, many of these can be used as quick breakfasts. Make them the night before and have them ready to go for your mornings!

These can also be used as a fantastic source of pre workout fuel and a post workout nutrient boost. So you’ll be able to easily give your body the nourishment it needs to operate at its peak performance!

Potential Drawbacks

If you are looking for more comprehensive guidance for completely adapting your diet to paleo, this cookbook will feel severely lacking. It’s just snacks so there’s no ideas for full meals.

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So the main drawback of this cookbook is that you don’t have any full meal recipes but that’s not what it’s meant for. By focusing exclusively on snacks, it is able to stand out as the leading cookbook for that category.

Final Verdict

If your snacking habits are the habits you find the hardest to ditch on a diet, this book is exactly meant for you because it will help you satisfy every possible between meal craving with a totally paleo friendly recipe so that you can snack to your heart’s content without cheating on your diet!

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