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4 Surprising Processed Foods Approved for The Paleo Diet

​When you first embark on the Paleo diet, it’s likely you’ll need to throw away most things in your pantry. The golden rule of living a Paleo lifestyle is to avoid processed foods at all cost. While

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7 Paleo Superfoods for Dynamic Health and Vitality

​As I began my journey into the Paleo diet, one thing became abundantly clear: the Paleo lifestyle is much more than simply eliminating certain foods. This life-changing dietary alteration has the

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3 Super Veggies To Transform Your Paleo Diet

​The Paleo diet has the potential to alter your health in a variety of ways. The principles of this lifestyle are based upon ancient “hunter-gatherer” fundamentals. Instead of filling your body

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Paleo for Kids – Is It Safe?

As a parent, my mind is constantly wondering how I can influence the health of my child. The foundations of lifelong health and habits begin in childhood. We have a responsibility to our children to distill

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Paleo Meals on Table

Our Absolute Favorite Quick & Affordable Paleo Meal Ideas

Two of the most common complaints people have about the paleo diet are that it’s difficult (in terms of cooking and prepping meals) and expensive (in terms of getting the right foods). So we wanted to

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Checking Food List

The Paleo Food List: A Quick Reference Guide For The Paleo Diet

Switching to paleo doesn’t have to be hard and it definitely doesn’t have to be boring. After checking out this paleo food list, you’ll see that you still have quite a lot of options open to you.