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4 Surprising Processed Foods Approved for The Paleo Diet

​When you first embark on the Paleo diet, it’s likely you’ll need to throw away most things in your pantry. The golden rule of living a Paleo lifestyle is to avoid processed foods at all cost. While

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7 Paleo Superfoods for Dynamic Health and Vitality

​As I began my journey into the Paleo diet, one thing became abundantly clear: the Paleo lifestyle is much more than simply eliminating certain foods. This life-changing dietary alteration has the

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From Caveman to Convenience Stores – A Breakdown of The Paleo Diet

​The Paleo diet. These three words stimulate a range of thoughts and emotions. For some, this phrase is nothing more than a “fad diet.” For many others, including myself, the Paleo diet was the beginning

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3 Super Veggies To Transform Your Paleo Diet

​The Paleo diet has the potential to alter your health in a variety of ways. The principles of this lifestyle are based upon ancient “hunter-gatherer” fundamentals. Instead of filling your body

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3 Stunning Benefits of The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet – if you’re like me, these words became synonymous with the latest diet trends America seems to be obsessed with. As I have with many of its predecessors, I assumed this “diet” was

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How To Go Paleo on a Budget | Money Saving Tips

By this point, you’ve likely heard about how the Paleo diet can literally transform your health and vitality. For millions of Americans, myself included, adopting the Paleo lifestyle saved me from a

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Paleo for Kids – Is It Safe?

As a parent, my mind is constantly wondering how I can influence the health of my child. The foundations of lifelong health and habits begin in childhood. We have a responsibility to our children to distill

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Power of a Caveman – How the Paleo Diet Can Boost Your Workouts

For the majority of my life, I’ve been involved in a war. The Battle of the Bulge raged on, and for many years its outcome was unknown. Throughout my many trials and tribulations (both in and outside

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Getting Back to Nature With a Paleo Diet

Reclaiming Health and VitalityAt the dawn of man, food sources were limited. The availability of foods were drastically limited based upon two primary elements: geographical location and seasons. Our earliest

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Man and Woman Posing Six Packs Gained With Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet For Weight Loss – Fact or Fiction?

Throughout my life, I’ve always had difficulty maintaining weight loss. It would seem as soon as I’d reach a healthy body fat percentage, my will to eat (and binge watch Netflix) only increased. For

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Jessica Biel Posing on a Sofa

Paleo People – Celebrities Who Follow The Paleo Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always seem to look amazing? Whether they’re strutting down the red carpet or showing skin in their latest blockbuster, celebrities seem to be from another planet.

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Paleo Food Cut and Stacked on a Table

Paleo Diet Hacks – Simplify Paleo Cooking

One of the biggest lifestyle changes I experienced upon beginning the Paleo diet was having to cook my own food. For many, the benefits of eating Paleo are attractive, but the notion of having to labor

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Paleo Diet Meal on Plate

A Complete 1 Month Paleo Diet Plan to Get You Started

When you first go paleo, you will experience some tough moments as you try to break your old habits and replace them with healthier paleo habits. Using a paleo diet plan can mean the difference between

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Different Veggies on Table

Your All in One Guide to The Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has been a popular trend over the past few years but, as the name implies, it is based on eating habits which have existed for millennia. If you’ve heard the phrase but aren’t quite

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