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Paleo Cookbooks Review

Cookbooks are great ways to get inspired with new meal ideas and flavor combinations. Keep your diet exciting and delicious while still being totally healthy and nutritious! If you’ve been shopping around for a paleo cookbook to help you create paleo friendly meal plans, you’ve probably experienced the overwhelming variety of options that are out there.

Before you spend your hard earned cash, check out some reviews (like this one!) and do your research to make sure you are getting the cookbook that most closely aligns with your priorities!


The titles of these books cut right to the chase. These cookbooks are filled with paleo recipes to help you maximize your health, fitness, mood, and energy levels without sacrificing flavor and excitement.

Paleo Chicken with Pineapples

This set of books contains the key recipe categories you need like:

  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Soup
  • Salad
  • Egg dishes
  • Desserts
  • Snacks

In addition to these core categories, the first book (Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter Gather) also includes bonus specialized categories like:

Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter Gatherer
  • Chocolate (yes a whole section dedicated to chocolate!)
  • Capsicum sandwiches
  • Noodle recipes

The second book (paleo eating for modern people) has two additional special categories:

  • Paleo breakfast recipes
  • Focaccias

The instructions are clear and easy to follow and many of the recipes strive for simplicity so you don’t have to be a professional chef to achieve the right results.

Plus, they also include a handy measurement conversion table right there in each book so that no matter what system you use, you can easily make these recipes without having to spend unnecessary time trying to calculate the conversions.

To sweeten the deal even more, you get access to 5 bonus ebooks when you buy the set. That includes:

  • A 30 day meal plan based on the recipes included in the books.
  • A paleo food guide with a comprehensive list of paleo friendly foods and foods based on seasons. Plus, it has a shopping list.
  • A guide for eating paleo friendly meals even when you go out to eat.
  • A short book with an extra 20 recipes for roasts and lamb.
  • A book of 65 super simple and fast recipes that only require 4 ingredients (perfect for those who don’t like cooking or who are trying to stick to a very tight budget).

Potential Drawbacks

The obvious drawback here is that you need to get both books in order to enjoy the full set of benefits. As a set of two book instead of just one, it can seem like you’re spending more money than you need to.

Paleo Spicy Mango

However, they are not that expensive and when you buy the set, you do get those 5 bonus ebooks that help provide additional guidance for transitioning to paleo. So you are getting quite a bit of bang for your buck.

Final Verdict

This is a great set. It’s affordable and comes with a diverse range of different recipes in addition to supplementary materials to help you make the transition to the paleo diet smooth and as low stress as possible. This is our top recommendation for beginners who need inspiration, motivation, and guidance. You get all of that here.

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