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Why You Should Get a Paleo Cookbook & How to Find The Best One For You

A paleo cookbook is a fantastic source of ideas for making totally paleo meals that are also perfectly suited to your needs and tastes. There are many paleo cookbooks out there. You can even find a free paleo cookbook if you’re looking to save money.

Whether your priority is eating paleo on a budget or finding the best paleo substitutes for your favorite non-paleo guilty pleasures, there’s a cookbook out there that’s made especially for you. In this article, we’ll quickly talk about some of the benefits of getting a paleo cookbook and then give you are recommendations for the best paleo cookbook!

Reasons to Get a Paleo Diet Cookbook

Cookbooks have started to seem like a thing of the past now that you can find thousands of recipes online. However, there is a definite advantage to having an actual cookbook in front of you when you cook:

Spinach on Plate

Spills cause less damage. If you’ve got your phone or tablet in the kitchen with you, spilling something on it can cause serious damage. With a cookbook, there will be stains but you won’t break anything!

No scrolling or screen shut offs. When you walk away from a phone, tablet, or laptop, the screen usually turns itself off after awhile. Even while it’s on, you’ll have to use your hands to scroll up and down the screen. That means if you’re hands are sticky or messy, you’ll have to wash your hands every time you need to check the recipe.

Add notes. Get a pen or pencil and easily add your own notes and reciipe changes to the margins of your cookbook. This way you can easily refer to any changes you made or problems you had.

And whether ebook or actual book, cookbooks are a great resource for beginners and advanced paleo cooks alike. They are great sources of inspiration and ideas which can be especially important for those who are new to the diet and aren’t used to eating meals without some of the modern staples like carbs and super processed foods.

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So if you’re looking for ways to eat a delicious and diverse range of meals that are all totally paleo friendly, a cookbook from someone who has spent the time experimenting with recipes and figuring out some tasty options is a great option.

Plus, you don’t have to follow every recipe to the T. You can try them exactly as they are or make a few changes to make the recipe your own.

Our Top 4 Picks For The Best Paleo Cookbook

1,000 Paleo Recipes

This paleo cookbook has made a name for itself for its sheer variety. As the title implies, you get 1,000 paleo recipes. You absolutely cannot fail to find something that satisfies your tastes and needs with that many options.

1000 Paleo Recipes Cookbook

Those 1,000 recipes are well divided into useful categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, smoothies, condiments, snacks, etc. And it’s further divided by main ingredients like fish, red meat, chicken, veggies, and eggs.

This makes it easy to navigate and packed with great and inspirational recipes. If you’re looking for something more focused on one category (like snacks or veggie recipes), this cookbook might feel like a lot more than you need and you can definitely find more specific cookbooks out there.

However, this makes the absolute perfect foundation cookbook that you can go to whenever you aren’t sure what you want to make or feel like trying out something new.

Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love to Eat

Well Fed is the easy paleo cookbook dream for those who love to eat but hate to cook! It’s got over 115 recipes that showcase simplicity, ease, and, most importantly, FLAVOR.

Well Fed Paleo Recipes Cookbook

The philosophy behind this book is that the paleo diet is not about sacrificing yummy food for health. It takes a more positive approach, showing you just how much you gain and how much you CAN eat on paleo.

It also comes with some tips and tricks for prepping meals in advanced and creating meal plans that prevent food fatigue (or boredom caused by eating the same thing all the time). So it’s the perfect guide for those who want to do paleo but don’t want to get bored or spend too much time in the kitchen.

Paleo Snacks Book

Snacks are actually one of the most risky areas for anyone on any diet. When we get those between meal cravings, that’s when we’re most likely to cheat on our diet and grab a quick candy bar or bagel or other non-paleo snack.

Paleo Snacks Cookbook

That’s exactly why this cookbook specializing entirely in paleo snacks was written. It’s designed to help you prep some delicious and totally paleo friendly snacks so that you’ve got some easy go-to items that you can carry with you to fight those between meal cravings and keep you on track with your diet.

There are more than 145 snack recipes divided into 12 comprehensive categories like ;

  • high protein snacks
  • energy boosting snacks
  • smoothies and shakes
  • snacks for before and after your workout
  • metabolism boosting snacks
  • snacks for satisfying your sweet tooth

Of course, the main drawback of this cookbook is that you don’t have any full meal recipes but that’s not what it’s meant for. By focusing exclusively on snacks, it is able to stand out as the leading cookbook for that category.

Final Word

There are so many different kind of paleo cookbooks out there that can give you exactly the kind of recipes you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a quick after work dinner to whip up or a decadent gourmet meal to show off the delicious potential of paleo to your friends, there are cookbooks for you.

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Just choose the one that’s targeted to your specific needs and interests and let your creative spirit out in the kitchen!

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