36 Essential Paleo Tools: Create The Ultimate Fat Burning Kitchen

Following a Paleo Diet means that you will have to prepare and cook most of your meals from scratch and to do this you will need to have the right tools and equipment in your kitchen. If you were a cook previously then you may have some of the required tools, but you will need to be prepared to invest in some new tools to make life easier for you. You will need to get into the habit of regularly cooking for yourself and if this seems overwhelming then don’t worry as you will soon get used to doing this. If you have all of the right equipment for Paleo cooking then everything will be so much easier and you will be able to make your meals very quickly.

The tools and equipment that you will need for your kitchen can be purchased online or at local stores. Your local stores will have some of the tools, but for the widest range of equipment at the very best prices then it makes sense to have a look on Amazon.com.​

The following is a list of tools for your kitchen that are highly recommended and will make your Paleo Diet cooking a pleasure:​

Food Processor​

A large number of Paleo Diet recipes will require the use of a stand up food processor. A food processor will be required to create nut milks, nut flours, nut butters and cauliflower rice as well as a number of other foods. When you are buying a stand up food processor it is recommended that you go for quality and the Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef will really make life easy for you.​


You may choose to make a lot of marinades, smoothies and sauces as part of your Paleo Diet and again you will want to go for the best quality equipment here. At the top of the range is the Vitamix 750 Series Blender which you can see here. This kind of blender is very flexible and will help you with several aspects of your Paleo Diet.​

Stick Or Immersion Blender:

If you are on a budget then an immersion (or stick) blender is a good option as it will greatly assist with the puréeing of sauces, marinades and soups. An excellent choice of immersion blender is the Electrolux ELHB08B8PS which you can read about here.​


You can use a spiralizer to quickly make vegetable pasta. It will help you to slice your vegetables for stir fry’s and salads or make vegetable noodles. One of the best quality spiralizer’s is the Gourmia GES580 Electric Spiralizer and Slicer which you can see here. There are many other spiralizer models available on Amazon.com.​


A Crockpot is an essential tool for cooking Paleo meals. They are so versatile and you want to go for one that has multiple functions. With the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker you will be getting a Crockpot that has 7 cooking functions and this equipment can be used as a slow cooker, sauté and browning cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and warmer. This Crockpot has received many glowing reviews from the customers that have purchased it and you can read about it here.

A Skillet Made Of Cast Iron:

If you are going to be successful with your Paleo Diet then you must have at least one cast iron skillet in your kitchen. They are a joy to cook with and when you start to cook with a skillet you will not want to stop. It is a very flexible kitchen tool and you can use it on the stove top, in the oven or even use it outside with a grill or even on a fire. A recommended cast iron skillet is the Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B which is a 12 inch pre seasoned pan that has a horde of satisfied customer reviews. See it here.​


If you do not have saucepans in your kitchen then you will definitely need them for your Paleo cooking. You need to think about how many people you will be cooking for when choosing the right size of saucepan. It is recommended that you go for quality as always and stainless steel saucepans are the way to go. You will not go​ wrong with a quality manufacturer such as Cuisinart and this saucepan is a good example.

A Large Stockpot:

You will be able to make homemade stock with a large stockpot. One large stockpot will suffice to complete a variety of cooking assignments. Don’t compromise on quality as a good stockpot will last you for many years. Again Cuisinart is a good option and this large stockpot will meet all of your Paleo cooking needs.

A Large Dutch Oven:

You will find that a Dutch Oven will help you enormously with your Paleo cooking tasks and you will be able to bake with it and braise as well. If you are using it on the stove top and need to transfer it to the oven then this is no problem. At the top of the range is the Le Creuset Dutch Oven and a good example can be found here. There are other inexpensive Dutch Ovens from companies such as Lodge that can be found at Amazon.com.​

Bake And Save Cookware:

With this kind of cookware you will have the versatility to cook, store and serve. A good cookware set will save you time and help you with all of your Paleo meals. Recommended here is the CorningWare French White 17-Piece Bake and Serve Set which customers love and you can use this cookware in the microwave, the oven, the dishwasher, the freezer and the refrigerator.

Baking Sheet Pans With Rims:

A lot of people believe that you would only use baking sheet pans for making cookies. This is not the case as you can use them for making kale chips and roasting meats and vegetables. Vollrath is one of the market leaders and this is a good example of a quality baking sheet pan.​

Gloves That Are Heat Resistant:

A lot of Paleo cooking will require you to handle hot pans such as cast iron skillets and you can protect yourself with heat resistant gloves. The best gloves will allow you a lot of maneuverability and provide the best heat resistance. This non slip silicone oven mitt set is a good choice.​

Thermometer For Your Meat:

With a Paleo Diet you are likely to want to buy the best quality meat such as pastured poultry that has been grass fed. If you undercook or overcook your meat it will be money wasted, so it is a good idea to invest in a quality digital meat thermometer. Lavatools are a good choice of brand and this is a fine example.​

Wire Cooling Racks:

Wire cooling racks can be used for cooling your food and cooking it too. This is a very versatile item that is easily stored away when not in use. You can use a wire rack to cook your meat which is a lot healthier than cooking in fat. This is a good choice of wire rack for cooking and cooling.​

Microplane Grater And Zester:

A grater like this is ideal for your kitchen and will help you to grate onion, ginger, cinnamon and garlic and finely zest fruits. This is not an expensive tool and will be a great aid to your Paleo cooking. Here is a good Microplane Grater and Zester.​

A Chef’s Knife:

There are so many ways that you can use a good chef’s knife and having one in your kitchen is highly recommended. You can trim your steaks with it, slice fruits and vegetables and chop just about anything. This chef’s knife is very good quality and has a ton of very happy customer reviews.​

Paring Knife:

A paring knife is another essential for your Paleo kitchen as you can use it for those smaller cutting tasks such as peeling vegetables. This OXO Good Grips paring knife is good value and very popular with customers.​

Knife Sharpener:

It is very important that your knives are as sharp as possible and this is easily achieved by using a knife sharpener. There are electric knife sharpeners which are very easy to use or manual ones. Here is a good example of a high quality electric knife sharpener that is very popular.​


This is another essential tool for your kitchen and you will need one for peeling vegetables and fruits. There are manual and electric peelers available. Peelers can be used to create great garnishes with ribbons. This is a popular electric peeler.​

Herb Saver:

Paleo cooking will demand that you use a lot of fresh herbs and these will be needed in a lot of different recipes. Herbs will not last a long time in the refrigerator so it is best to use a herb saver to keep them fresh for longer when they are not being used. One of the market leaders in herb saving is Prepara who claim that their pods will keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks. Read more here.​

Salad Spinner:

There is no better way to dry your salad items after washing them than using a salad spinner. You can save a lot of time by using a salad spinner too. They are available in plastic or steel and there is a big choice on Amazon.com. Here is a fine steel salad spinner that people like.​

Oil Mister:

An oil mister can be used for several different purposes but its primary purpose is to provide a controlled amount of dressing to your salads. It can also be used for baking, grilling and general cooking. Oil misters are preferred to aerosol cooking sprays as they are more eco friendly. Here is a very popular oil mister.​

Shears For The Kitchen:

A pair of kitchen shears can be extremely useful for preparing Paleo meals. These kitchen shears are inexpensive and good value and can be used for butterflying chicken, cutting fish, poultry, meat, vegetables and herbs.​

Cutting Boards:

Cutting boards are a very important and inexpensive choice for your kitchen. It is a good idea to have different cutting boards for your seafood chopping, meat cutting, poultry cutting and for cutting vegetables and herbs. These boards are available in plastic or wood and this OXO Good Grips Cutting Board is a popular choice.​

Silicone Spatulas:

Silicone spatulas are safe for your food and they are non stick and heat resistant. They are usually available in a range of colors and a set of three is a good purchase such as this diOro Living Silicone Set.​

Mixing Bowls:

Having a set of mixing bowls in your kitchen will help you with your Paleo cooking. Mixing Bowls can be made of plastic, stainless steel or glass and this glass set from Pyrex is a firm customer favorite.​

Measuring Cups And Spoons:

Measuring cups and spoons will be required for a number of cooking jobs. They are available in glass, plastic or stainless steel. The cups are best purchased in glass so that they can easily handle hot liquids. This Pyrex set is extremely popular. For your measuring spoons have a look at the RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set.​

Wooden Spoons:

Wooden spoons are used by chefs throughout the world to make gourmet food and they are a traditional mainstay of a good kitchen. They have durability and you can use them for all kinds of cooking tasks. There will never be any chemical reactions and they are heat resistant. Buying a set of wooden spoons is a good idea and this OXO Good Grips 3 piece set is good value and popular.​

Pepper Mill Or Grinder:

This is a useful and convenient tool but it is not essential if you don’t have one. There are a lot of Paleo recipes that require freshly ground pepper to be added so it will be handy to own a pepper mill. Very popular with customers is the Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill.​


You may be thinking that ramekins are only for use with puddings and soufflés but they have a number of other uses. When you are preparing your ingredients you can store them in ramekins, and you can use them in the microwave and the oven which is great for melting coconut oil, ghee or honey in them. This set of 6 ramekins is a good choice.​

Steamer Basket:

It is far healthier to steam cook your food than it is to use any oils. The color and taste of your food will be better maintained with steam cooking and it will also help to retain nutrients. For cooking vegetables it makes a lot of sense to use a steamer basket as it is a fast and easy way to cook. This steam basket from Sensible Needs is good quality and good value.​

Kitchen Tongs:

Every kitchen needs a pair of kitchen tongs that can be used to safely transfer hot food and turn your food over while cooking it. These OXO Good Grip Stainless Steel cooking tongs are lockable and a smart choice.​

Glass Storage Containers With Lids:

You can use these glass storage containers to store food that you have prepared for cooking on another day. If you have any leftovers from your meals then you can use them again for this. Being glass they are BPA free and this offering from Pyrex should meet all of your needs.​


A colander is a very handy kitchen tool. If you want to strain liquids from foods that have been cooked or just wash your salads and vegetables then a good colander will do the job. They are usually available in plastic or stainless steel and this Bellemain Micro-perforated 5 quart colander is good value and has very good customer reviews.​

Parchment Paper:

Parchment paper offers you an easy cleanup after your cooking or baking. The best parchment paper to buy is the unbleached variety and a good and popular example is the If You Care FSC Certified Parchment Baking Paper.​

Nut Milk Bag:

You can make your own wonderful nut milks which contain no added sugars or preservatives using a nut milk bag. The Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag by Ellie’s Best is the one to go for.

There are a lot of tools for your kitchen that will be very beneficial to you when preparing and cooking Paleo meals. The more tools that you have at your disposal the better. With good quality tools you will never find cooking to be a chore, and you will be able to create nutritious and healthy Paleo meals that are also delicious. If you can’t afford all of the tools then start slowly and go for those tools that you will use the most first. .​

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