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Paleo Cookbook: 300 Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes

If you have tried countless diets only to fail because they are too boring or aren’t giving you the results you were promised, the paleo diet is for you. If you’ve never gone on any diet before in your life because you’ve heard bad things, the paleo diet is also for you!

Paleo can seem very limited at first but it actually includes a very diverse range of different foods that are full of nutrition and flavor. You won’t get bored and you WILL get the results you want.

But that’s only true if you stick with it. And that can get difficult, especially at the beginning when you aren’t used to cooking paleo friendly meals. A paleo cookbook can help make this much easier.


This paleo cookbook is a truly great deal. You can get the printed version for under 10 bucks and the kindle version is even cheaper. And for that small investment, you are getting 300 totally paleo recipes that are suited to every taste.

The Paleo Cookbook 300 Recipes Back Side

One of the things we found especially helpful about this book is that includes a lot of recipes that are paleo versions of common modern favorites (that tend to be not very paleo friendly).

That means you can still satisfy your craving for cookies, cakes, chicken nuggets, fajitas, teriyaki beef and many other meals that would normally be restricted on the paleo diet. Plus, there are plenty of totally vegetarian recipes for those who don’t eat meat. And even the recipes that do include meat are easy to adapt to a vegetarian friendly version.

With such a wide range of great recipes, you’ll have plenty of recipes to satisfy both the picky eaters and those with a more refined palette at your dinner table.

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Potential Drawbacks

If you are just starting out on a paleo diet, this book doesn’t provide as much tips and guidance as other paleo cookbooks do. It’s more focused on being a traditional cookbook (i.e. - a set of delicious recipes to help inspire you to get creative in the kitchen).

Beginning on the diet, you would benefit from pre-designed meal plans, shopping lists, and helpful tips for making the transition. However, if you are more independent and prefer to create your own meal plans, this is a fantastic book to work with so that you can easily create your very own custom meal plans.

Final Verdict

This is a great resource to have on hand for the beginner and advanced paleo dieter alike. With 300 recipes spread across multiple essential categories, this cookbook makes it easy to eat healthy without getting bored.

Different Foods For Paleo Diet

The recipes are easy to follow, adaptable, and creative so you’ll be able to get everything you need out of this book.

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